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History of New Market Waste

In 1992, Rob Ryan co-founded a management consulting company in Southern California to address the rising costs of solid waste while working with clients who also wanted to recycle. Prior to the internet age, information relative to the Solid Waste and Recycling Industry was difficult to find. The Company was able to recycle Cardboard, Paper, Glass, Plastics, and Aluminum. At first, the focus was California but quickly grew solely by referrals within the restaurant industry. Beginning with In-N-Out Burger, Rob and his team achieved a 100% recycling goal while savings the client almost 40% of their waste costs as a result!

By 1996, Rob and his company were National in scope which necessitated a move to Charlotte, NC, to be closer to the East-coast clients. After managing costs of over $30 Million in waste and recycling, Rob decided to sell the company and pursue the equipment rental business.

After a few years of building the equipment rental business, several clients called Rob to inquire about his availability to manage their waste and recycling. In 2001, Rob began New Market Waste Solutions to work with companies on the ever-challenging Industry. Armed with an extensive knowledge base of Waste and Recycling Equipment, Rob and New Market quickly grew maintaining customer care at its highest levels. New Market has grown from 2 people to over 20 associates and manages business in every state in the continental United States.

New Market Waste Solutions is also an early investor in Big Belly Solar Compactors which manufactures the only solar powered cordless compaction system. New Market Waste is confident that this is one solution which will reduce our clients’ carbon footprint and increase efficiencies as well.

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