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New Market Waste Solutions prides itself on deep and long-standing relationships with its customers, built on quality customer service and successful execution. The following quotes from our clients provide an indication of how they feel about the value we bring.

Customer service

Although this may be an overlooked task, I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding customer service we receive by your work force.

We are, of course, very delighted to have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia Anderson during the storm events of January 29, 2010 and this weekend of February 5, 2010. Cynthia’s professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in handling our specific issues were very important to our complete customer satisfaction. In the true sense of partnership and complete customer satisfaction, Cynthia went above and beyond to assist my team during the hectic weekends.

If it wasn’t for the help of New Market Waste and a few other vendors that were called upon, the storm event may not have been as successful as it turned out. Thank you for instilling fantastic customer service attitude within your staff. I am sure you will understand my position, and I hope that you will pass the thanks on to your team."

National Commercial Real Estate Services Firm
Director of Operations, Vice President of Facilities


New Market Waste Solutions has made it very easy to communicate our needs by making one phone call to handle a high volume of locations...We are extremely pleased with their services...They have saved us significant time and money."

Regional Restaurant Chain


Having been a customer of New Market Waste since 2006, I can honestly say their dedication and customer service is impeccable.
My service needs span throughout the U.S. from Florida to California and without missing a beat, New Market Waste seamlessly manages refuse services, grease trap, grease removal, recycling, and composting for my business. Their knowledge and understanding of the industry along with providing these services to my diverse business has proven to me that New Market Waste is here for the customer."

National Food Service Management Company
Procurement Program Manager


Proven results

New Market Waste helped me to understand what I should be paying for waste services. With 8 locations across 2 different companies and 6 states, I had a very confusing and costly situation on my hands. New Market saved me around 20% on my existing charges.

They handled contract renegotiations across 4 different companies with great results, especially with the big guys. The office staff is pleasant and very helpful. I would recommend New Market Waste to anyone."

Food Manufacturer, Importer, and Distributor


New Market Waste Solutions is a highly valued vendor providing waste management cost control services to our existing and rapidly expanding retail store locations. Their friendly account management staff provides systematic contractor evaluation, service scheduling, invoice consolidation, productivity savings analysis and executive reports detailing waste activities each month.

Cost control is critical and New Market’s management of our account continues to be highly successful to the satisfaction of our executive team."

National Grocery Store Chain
Facilities Manager


Cost savings

Understanding the rate structures, fees and other charges passed along by the waste hauling companies is a chore in and of itself, and even beyond that, monitoring the monthly invoices is almost a full time job. New Market Waste completely removes that burden from your Operations team. They have the expertise to know where to find savings, whether it be through a reduction in fees or a change in hauler. Their due diligence is very thorough and any changes are made with little or no disruption to your business. They are extremely responsive to any issues that arise and they stay on top of the situation until it is resolved. In addition, they will continue to monitor your monthly invoices to ensure that the haulers are in compliance with your pricing. I would highly recommend New Market Waste for any business looking for savings and to control and streamline their waste hauling expenses."

National Multi-Family Management Firm
Director of Procurement


New Market has achieved great savings for our company...they made a complete overhaul of the bidding and gave us better service providers...they have changed the way we do business by allowing customer service to be consolidated through one point of contact...substantial time and money have been saved."

Retail Gasoline Convenience Store Operator


Strategic partnership

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate New Market Waste choosing my waste company deliver our service to your valued clients. The team at New Market is an absolute pleasure to work with and extremely helpful. In addition, Ard's greatly appreciates New Market’s quick payment which does make it much easier for my company to manage our payables and deliver the outstanding service you deserve.

If New Market ever needs a reference, my company would be honored to provide one."

Stephen Ard
Ard's Container Service
Columbia, SC


It’s with great pleasure I write this letter to recognize New Market Waste Solutions as one of PTR Baler and Compactor Company, Inc. Best of the Best and true partners in business over the last 10 years of service together. New Market Solutions commitment to providing both excellent service and distributorship of our products and services has awarded me the honor to thank you personally and all of your team’s great support and efforts over the past 10 years.

Only companies with the true understanding of collaboration and partnering will be the companies that can work through our tough economics struggles these days while continuing to help your suppliers and customers streamline their processes.  New Market Waste Solutions should be very proud that your company is a leader in today’s market providing both cost saving solutions with excellent value added services at competitive prices.

Thanks again, and all of us at PTR look forward to many more years of working together."

Fred Freer
PTR Baler & Compactor Company
Sales Manager - SE & SW Regions


OCS has had the pleasure of working with New Market Waste for several years. Keeping a customer happy while taking into account the haulers constraints is nothing short of a challenge. With New Market’s understanding of the garbage business, they manage to make everyone happy."

Micah Schachinger
OCS Waste & Recycling
Columbia, SC


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