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Clients receive many benefits that are missing from self-managed programs or programs claiming to be "managed" by national or regional waste hauling companies.

New Market service offering: Features & Benefits

We help companies by negotiating and managing their garbage collection services and creating innovative programs that control costs. The following are several key advantages of what we offer.

Features Benefits
24/7 customer service & support Always available
2-hour response / 24-hour resolution guarantee You will always get an answer and a solution - GUARANTEED. No lingering service issues.
Onsite waste audits We try to understand your business with a "hands on approach"
Meetings with regional management to assess program goals Clear understanding of goals and objectives
Bidding & negotiations Best available market pricing and services
Alternative disposal options Use of industry knowledge to create new savings opportunities
Centralized billing Fewer invoices = Reduced accounts payable costs and time
Contract management & invoice audits Eliminates "evergreen" and "rollover" contracts. No unauthorized price increases
Insured regulatory compliance We keep your company up-to-date on all local, state, and federal requirements and waste and recycling laws
Monthly service & savings reports Know / understand where your costs are
Web-based reporting Information always available

24/7 customer support:   1-800-670-7747

Charlotte office:   704-632-9934 phone / 704-632-9936 fax

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