New Market was chosen to develop and implement a comprehensive waste and recycling program for 500 retail bank locations across the United States to reduce overall cost and handle management of services at the client’s facilities nationwide.


NMWS performed on-site waste audits at a variety of the client’s locations to gain a full understanding of the project, including the size and layout of the facility. New Market Waste analyzed existing waste services being provided by their vendors, then meeting with facility managers and stakeholders to share data, provide service recommendations, obtain buy-in, and develop an implementation timeline.

With New Market Waste’s expertise, the client’s waste costs were substantially reduced by implementing tailored equipment solutions for each site to optimize service levels while aggressively negotiating rates with both current and new providers.


Reduction in Hard Costs


Reduction in Soft Cost


Reduction in Risk


The New Market team was able to develop a comprehensive waste and recycling program serving nearly 500 client locations across the country. Once an improved plan was developed and approved, the New Market Waste team implemented and oversaw all changes at each location. Now, the team at New Market Waste completely oversees the daily management of waste services at each location.

With the NMWS program, the number of vendors has been reduced to less than 100 partners with a single consolidated invoice designed to capture all data needed for internal corporate reporting. Each location now has consistent and appropriate service levels, optimizing each site to maximize savings.