Siemens, one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, tasked CBRE with managing multiple locations across the United States. Part of the challenge was reducing costs but doing so in a manner that does not negatively impact their daily business and could also help them towards their goal of becoming a more sustainable company.


One of the features of the NMWS program is providing right-sizing services for our clients to drive savings to the bottom line. NMWS has implemented a new sensor technology to determine the exact amount of service needed for each location. We wanted to be able to provide concrete evidence that our recommendations were the right decisions for the sites. It was imperative that we are able to show sound data behind our recommendations. An added benefit to this program is improving the sustainability efforts by reducing the number of times a truck is required to come on-site to provide service as well as reducing risk from a truck being on their properties. Sensors were installed at locations across the country and the New Market team began monitoring the daily activity of these containers using the sensor technology.


Increased Fullness Level


Reduction in Cost


Reduction in Hauls


With the use of the data supplied by the technology from the web-based monitoring software, powered
by their container-based sensors, New Market can translate the data into hard dollars driven to the bottom line for our clients. Our team can see how full the containers are, if they are serviced on the correct day, or if the service was missed. We can anticipate our clients’ needs by monitoring their fullness level. Through statistical indicators, we can predict when containers are going to be full before they are scheduled to be serviced. This removes the burden of having to manage the waste and recycling services from our clients because they know NMWS is fully in control of their needs. This technology allows our recommendations to have the credibility needed for a client to feel comfortable making the change without fear of future pain.