New Market Waste was chosen to improve a client’s sustainability efforts while also improving costs and boosting operational efficiency. The client was also interested in cutting the amount of time spent on managing their waste and recycling program (and its 387 monthly invoices). NMWS intended to create a comprehensive organics program for the agricultural client that fit seamlessly with the remote nature of their business operations.


NMWS performed comprehensive waste audits and determined that the client was disposing of approximately 3,700 tons of expired feed waste and 144 tons of grain bags annually – all being landfilled. New Market Waste Solutions was able to source a composting solution for both materials, then implementing a program that eliminated the need for landfill disposal and the associated disposal costs to create a new revenue stream for the client. NMWS delivered the feed waste to a composter and found a buyer for the grain bags.


Increased Sustainability


Reduction in Costs


Increase In Rebate


The New Market team was able to develop a comprehensive waste and recycling program for all 18 of the client’s processing plants across the United States. The NMWS team not only reduced cost but eliminated unnecessary overhead in exchange for a revenue-generating recycling stream – a win for both corporate finances and environmental sustainability!

New Market exceeded the client’s expectations by creating a customized and creative solution to boost sustainability efforts, cut costs, and establish an ongoing revenue stream that will provide value for years to come.