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Our team will audit the amount of waste produced onsite against the amount of service being provided for each location. We will go site-by-site to right size the service and ensure that containers are neither over serviced, nor incurring any unnecessary overage fees.  

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Want to substantially reduce your garbage hauling costs? We’ve got you covered. New Market Waste minimizes waste hauled to landfills. It’s great for the environment, and more cost efficient for you. In some cases, recycling becomes a source of revenue. Imagine investing in your business using the money you earned from recycling. It’s as easy as making the call. 



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Composting is the process of recycling organic material–typically food scraps and yard waste. At New Market Waste, we make composting for your business easy by customizing a program to your needs-no matter how large or small!  

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Our team will work to find the easiest and most sustainable options to divert pallets, crates, and bulky wood items from your site. We will work with local vendors to ensure that any recycle-quality wood is processed in the most cost-efficient and sustainable way.  



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New Market Waste relieves businesses from the time and risk associated with grease trap maintenance. We’ll ensure your company’s compliance with all local regulations associated with grease management and disposition.  

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New Market Waste offers companies the opportunity to recycle all types of universal waste, including fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, computer electronics, and mercury-containing items through mail back programs and/or onsite removal.  



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We know you’ve got sensitive information to shred. New Market Waste creates customized secure document shredding services that will keep your information safe, while helping the environment.  

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New Market Waste is the top national dealer for the best equipment manufacturers in the country. We can provide you with options to purchase, rent, or lease equipment based both on budget and specific site needs.

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