The client wanted New Market Waste Solutions to develop and rollout a comprehensive and consistent program for all of its waste and recycling needs at its branches across the country. In addition, the client wanted to reduce its overall garbage and recycling costs, control the services at its facilities nationwide, and maximize the value of all potential recycling rebates to the client.

New Market Waste performed on-site waste audits at many of the client’s locations to better understand the scope of the Company’s business, the size and physical layout of the facility, and current services being provided by the existing vendors. We also met with facility managers and stakeholders to discuss our findings and recommendations, obtain buy-in, and develop an implementation timetable.

Through New Market’s expertise, we were able to substantially reduce the client’s garbage costs and maximize recycling rebates which were accomplished by installing the appropriate equipment (i.e. garbage bins, compactors, balers) for each site, right-sizing service levels, adding or expanding recycling efforts where appropriate and available, and aggressively negotiating the rates with the vendors. In addition, we provided the Company with a “one-stop shop” for all their garbage and recycling needs with 24/7 availability, a single point of contact, and immediate attention to all of their needs.

  • Developed and rolled out a comprehensive garbage and recycling program for nearly 500 client locations across the country

  • Generated savings of 34% for actual services provided thereby reducing the clients garbage and recycling costs by nearly $1.9 million annually

  • Consolidated hundreds of monthly hauler invoices into one consolidated New Market invoice resulting in an estimated $46,000 savings to the Company from reduced internal processing costs

  • Developed a customized monthly report/invoice providing the client with all necessary data related to the garbage program and sustainability efforts for their internal reporting purposes

  • Established a consistent and appropriate service level program maximizing the quality of service while minimizing costs and any disruption in day to day operations

  • Created and implemented an equipment program that includes all routine maintenance and minimizes downtime, costly repairs and other “surprise” costs

  • Increased the volume of recyclable material removed from solid waste stream to minimize hauling/landfill costs and maximize recycling rebates ($150,000 annually) back to the customer while enhancing corporate sustainability/”green” initiatives

  • Negotiated rates that have enhanced budgets by stabilizing monthly costs and limiting or eliminating the Company’s exposure to the ever increasing fuel costs

  • Minimized risk with fewer certificates of insurance ensuring adherence to terms and conditions


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