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A turbine manufacturer was committed to investing a $350 million expansion in Charlotte, NC. The site was going to be a LEED gold certified building. The site had 75 tons per month of bulky wood crates of various odd sizes. Material was delivered by various personnel during three separate shifts to an open area. Because the crates were built with so much metal (bolts and brackets) and too much plastic wrapping, the material was not able to be recycled on a consistent basis and most of this material was taken to a landfill. As part of the client’s commitment to recycling and the upcoming LEED status, the client had to develop a plan to recycle the wood material.

Client engaged New Market Waste Solutions to develop this plan. In order to guarantee a successful program, New Market provided on-site personnel. Along with new signage and communication, New Market Waste was better able to manage the wood material at the pad site. The pad site received all wood products including pallets, crates, skids, broken pallets. On-site personnel had to remove all metal bolts, plastic & paper wrapping, and garbage from the wood using various tools. Acceptable pallets were taken via fork lift to a trailer supplied by a recycler. Additional clean wood material was taken by fork lift and stacked to achieve maximum density in the open tops where they were hauled to a wood recycling facility to be ground into mulch and bio mass. The metal bolts, plastic, and paper were pulled from the wood and then recycled separately.

Since implementing on-site personnel for wood recycling, the industrial company's recycling program celebrated the following accomplishments:

  • Wood recycling increased from 96 tons to 477 tons annually

  • Of 477 tons, 69 tons were reusable & scrap pallets

  • Fewer pickups by trucks, resulting in less emissions and CO²

  • Total annual trash expense savings totaled approximately 28%

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A technology/manufacturing company has a site that presently generates approximately 15 tons per month of bulky wood crates and pallets of various odd sizes. Material is currently handled by various company personnel throughout the day and placed in 2‐30 yard open top containers. Due to the size of the containers, the material needs to be broken down and double handled to fit inside the open top containers, causing additional labor hours. The material is currently being transported directly to the landfill and not being recycled. As part of New Market Waste commitment to sustainability, we were challenged to develop a plan to recycle the wood material at no additional cost to the customer.

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This tech company engaged New Market Waste Solutions to develop and initiate an aggressive wood recycling program. After detailed planning and review of the site, New Market Waste implemented a successful, cost saving recycling program. Partnering with one of our vendors. we were able to offer a bulk wood recycling program for this site on a once per month service schedule. The wood is stored on site in a designated area of the plant. The wood is only being handled by the employee once.

As a solution, the vendor agreed to service the plant using a 50-yard container equipped with a grapple. Utilizing a grapple reduces the number of handlers to two. The wood is picked up by the grapple and crushed once it is placed inside the container. The loads are maximized, and all wood material is removed within 2‐3 hours. The wood is transported to a grinding facility and ultimately used to heat a packaging plant in Covington, VA.

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Since implementing the wood recycling program, the company has experienced the following improvements:

  • Due to efficiencies, fewer pickups were required, resulting in less CO² emissions

  • Approximately 108 labor hours per month has been saved by the facility

  • 15 tons of waste has been diverted from the landfill

  • Approximately 19% per month in savings has been realized


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