“Smart Services” is a revolutionary technological breakthrough, cutting the hassle from waste and recycling services. Rugged sensors are deployed in the field, monitoring capacity and alerting our Smart Services Team when it’s time for a pickup. Through our industry-leading team, time-proven processes, and groundbreaking technology, New Market Waste Solutions is able to optimize services to both cut costs and save time.

Step 1

1. Our team deploys sensors on compactors and bins, remotely capturing and transmitting data for on-site service levels.

Step 2

2. New Market Waste Solution’s Smart Services Team analyzes the data, creating a custom plan of action to optimize each client’s service plan.

Step 3

3. Right Sizing and pickup schedules are adjusted based on sensor data – we continue monitoring these changes, ensuring that proper service levels are maintained.

Step 4

4. Client savings are generated by Right Sizing bins and "Just In Time Pick-Up" for compactors, maximizing the value of each service call.


Compactor fullness is monitored by on-site staff
Pickups are requested manually via email or phone call
Bin schedules are set based on estimation of site needs with adjustments made as services continue
Compactor fullness is monitored remotely by the NMWS Smart Services Team
Pickups are scheduled and made by NMWS Smart Services team based on sensor data and alerts
Bin schedules are set based on data and analytics, increasing accuracy and efficiency of services

Cost-Effective Savings

Proactive monitoring allows our team to be more versatile, making data-driven decisions to provide optimized services for each client.


Keeping Clients in the Loop

Each time we make a pickup, you’ll receive a notification that the container is empty. You’re always tuned in to your service level and pickup frequency.


Streamlining the Pickup Process

Calls and emails to schedule service requests are a thing of the past. Smart Services cuts time spend parsing through paperwork, providing services exactly when you need them. 


Boost Safety and Environmental Efficiency

Fewer service calls lead to fewer emissions, benefiting the planet to create a more environmentally-friendly business. Less time on the road means a drop in vehicle wear and tear in addition to a lower risk for accidents on the road.

While the technology is incredible and innovative, NMWS is focused on delivering client-focused results. After implementation, our team performed data analysis of top adoptees to gain a better understanding of how Smart Services impacts each client’s bottom line. For monitored bins, our clients have typically experienced savings of up to 30% while compactor monitoring shares a savings of up to 40%.

Our take? That’s well worth the investment.